Bot for crypto trading best cryptocurrency trading bot

29September 2019

Bot for crypto trading

If you are into trading Crypto but dont wish to spend hours finding the best cryptocurrency then you need a crypto trading bot. A trading bot does all the heavy lifting for you so you can spend more time on other things. The best crypto trading bot 2018 – 2019 I have found is cryptobooster . 

Crypto boster has been mentioned as one of the best and articles can be found if you type crypto trading bot reddit. Cryptobooster is not a free crypto trading bot, but is very cheap with prices starting from $19 per month.

So what does this bot for crypto trading do ?

Here’s the main features of Crypto Booster:

Passive Crypto Investing: Automatically invest in the best performing cryptocurrencies on a schedule of your choosing! letting the bot monitor the best  cryptocurrency prices, cryptocurrency by market cap tracking the cryptocurrency market and news.

auto investing template

Set And Forget: Never worry about managing your investments. Automatically drop poor performers and invest in the best coins! from your cryptocurrency list.

crypto investing

Simple Yet Powerful: Invest in the top 20 cryptocurrencies every month. Or the top 5 every day. Or any other configuration of your choosing! you can set this using cryptocurrency by market cap or equal rebalancing. This makes sure you are always invested in the top cryptocurrency. As the cryptocurrency trading is monitored any cryptocurrency of the future will be added to your portfolio as soon as it is successful enough to be worth trading in such as facebook cryptocurrency. 

Invest In The Best Performing Cryptocurrencies On Autopilot

If you’re anything like me and you don’t want to actively manage your crypto investments constantly, this is an amazing tool that handles all the hard, tedious work for you. I think you’re really going to like this as you can see Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio at a glance and how it is spread.

crypto investing balancing

You can also if required rebalance your crypto portfolio with a click of the button.

How to buy cryptocurrency

The most easy way to purchase cryptocurrency for a trusted source I have found it to sign up for a coinbase wallet.

Once you have a verified coinbase wallet it is easy to sign up to the coinbase pro trading platform. It is then simple to transfer crypto from one account to the other as both coinbase and coinbase pro are part of the same company.

Once you have the coinbase pro setup and have transferred some funds you can connect the Crypto booster app to the coinbase pro  cryptocurrency exchange and start to rebalance your portfolio on autopilot.  Using the application some traders have reported cryptocurrency investment returns of up to 3000% per year.

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