Enable or Disable Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365 Users

9February 2019

Hi Admins

I have a tip for you today on enabling multi-factor authentication in your office 365 tenant if you want to set this up for your users you’ll start in your admin Center in the left-hand pane go to users and select active users and then from here:

  • Select the set up link from the more menu at top of page.
  • Next to set multi-factor authentication requirements you will see a notice that you need to read a guide, they have this message before you begin take a look at the multi-factor authentication deployment guide it is a good idea to do a little research on multi-factor authentication before you enable it just so you fully understand the ramifications.
  • If you’re ready to go you’ll select a user and you can click enable and again we get this suggestion to read the deployment guide if I’m ready to enable I click enable wait a moment for the operation to complete and get the message we were successful.
  • So notice that my user status changes to enabled and to disabled it is just as easy as enabling it I select my user I click disabled and the status goes back to disabled so if you want to do this for all your users you can do this in bulk click the check box at the top of the list and click enable and all your users will have multi-factor authentication enabled so it’s easy to do it.
  • Next time you login it will as you to verify, the best application for the is the Authenticator app from Microsoft and you can add this to both android and Apple phones it is a free download.