How to Install CentOS in VMware Workstation/Player Step-by-Step

26January 2019

Hi and Welcome to my CentOS 7 installation guide.

I’ve been working as System Administrator for 20 years.

I’m going to show you how you can install CentOS 7 in VMware Workstation 12. The Steps are almost the same for all VMware versions.

Let’s get started!

  1. First, go to CentOS website and download ISO installation media. You see CentOS 7 Just click Get CentOS Now button. Your download will start automatically.
  2. Once downloaded the CentOS 7 installation media continue with installation. On the workstation home screen click, Create New machine new virtual machine accept the standard settings  these are typically is OK click Next
  3. On select guest operating system installation pick which Centos installation media you can see the list or iso in-store detected sometimes if you can’t find the addition pick the nearest addition that’s fine.
  4. Now click Next and this is the easy installation screen and chose a root  username and your password click next.
  5. Chose a network  set the location I want my virtual machine to access to my physical network directly I don’t want to use a closed network.
  6. Next click install my virtual machine you may see a circle now we just wait I’ll  after the installation is done and my virtual machine is installed click user then choose language etc. and finish setup.
  7. Reboot machine and you should be good to go.