How to install Windows Server 2016

26January 2019

  1. windowsserver-2016-datacenter   Put the boot media into the drive and boot the pc or vm using iso image.
  2. Start off by selecting the language you want to use i have chosen to use english United Kingdom.
  3. Next click a big friendly Install Now button give it a second to start setup I don’t know why Windows doesn’t preload this they want to type in your product key if you don’t have one you probably want to choose I don’t have a product key now unless you do.
  4. You need to choose what variety and flavor of Windows you want to install for this tutorial I’ll be along with us so the 2016 datacenter desktop experience there are a couple of different options make sure the key that you have correspondence the operating systems because you can’t change it.
  5. Now you have to read the terms and conditions now of course if you read all of it 🙂 I have read it before so I can just go ahead and you want to hit install now.
  6. You will want to format the drive to give some new space it will create some partitions hit next this a bit takes a while and it’s a boring and it is the longest part because it takes a long time for to configure the system
  7. It’s going to finish installing and ask for a username a password make sure you set a very good password here it doesn’t mean password or password one or admin or anything like that a really strong password especially this server is going to production.
  8. Once you’ve done that it’s going to take a short amount of time going to prepare a couple of things then it’s going to send you to the login screen once you have the login screen you can press ctrl alt delete or the windows security buttons and then you can log into your freshly minted windows server hope you enjoyed this tutorial don’t forget to bookmark the page for future reference.