How To Use Keywords Everywhere, Free Keyword Tool

2February 2019

Best Free Keyword Research Tool with CPC

Today I’m going to show you how you can easily install the browser add-on for either Chrome or Firefox and get yourself free search volume CPC and competition data from almost all keywords. In my opinion Keywords everywhere is one of the best free keyword research tools out there and it gets its data directly from Google search. First off I’m going to use a Chrome browser so I’m going to install it for a chrome Chrome it’s going to immediately direct you to the Chrome Web Store once I’m there I have the option to add it for Chrome.

I’m going to add it to Chrome and once I’ve done that a little pop-up will appear and it’s just you know telling you that it’s going to change the data on websites you visit so if you’re on Google the plugin will add data it just  adds competition CPC and search volume data not altering altering any more things so not to worry  add the extension and immediately you can see that a pop up image is  added on the chrome search bar on the right a little icon and you are immediately redirected to the API key page.

This API key is necessary as previous versions of keywords everywhere did not need an API key for access to the keyword metrics but certain individuals actually abused this and sent us thousands of automated requests keywords everywhere servers every single second so this degraded the performance for all other users and really inconvenienced them so in order to prevent this from happening in the future they are giving each new user their own free API key which can limit this from happening again.

The program will work reliably for you with this API key and it’s not that much of a hassle to two to work it out so I’m just going to show you how easily you can install the API key and get keywords everywhere working for you.

The system is going to email it to your email address inbox and also you should receive this email by 10 minutes if you have not checked your spam and junk folder sometimes it might end up there or if you do not find it there you can just send Keywords everywhere an email you can ya request  replacement.

Next take the API key click on it and I can just copy this API key up here and then immediately head on to the key word icon on the right  right-hand side of your screen toolbar click on it head to update settings which should be this box bold thing paste the API key here click to validate. Once you successfully add a valid API key you can get  search volume data for all your searches.

How it works so I’m going to head off to type in holiday as an example keyword because I’m having the winter blues would like to go somewhere and also research more on it and immediately you can see that there’s search volume CPC and competition data for the term holiday right on your Google search results.

Saving Keywords

You can favorite key words which you can do by just clicking on the stars and making them gold it actually saves the keywords that you like in this favorite option which is if you click on the icon and click on my favorite keywords it’s all stored so all you have to do is click on the star so I’m just going to randomly click on some like holiday websites next head to my favorite keywords and voila that’s where they all end up in a google sheet, super easy for you to go back and look at the research that you’ve done making it just easier for you to sort the keywords that you want to use for further research and we have the options of copying all those keywords saving them in Excel exporting them onto Excel CSV PDF or printing them directly.

You can also search for the keywords that you want delete selected keywords so yep that’s one cool option that we have another cool thing if you head on to the keyword bar I mean keyword icon again you would see the bulk upload keywords (bulk upload has been disabled due to spammers) and this so you can research and find data for over 10,000 keywords.

How this used to work, if you have a bunch of keywords saved I have and it’s around nine hundred and I’m gonna copy this data it’s a lot of keywords to import. I’m going to hit the get search volume and CPC data and yep it’s loads them it may take some time to render the data so just wait it will find all the keywords and cpc etc.

I’m going to finish this  instruction with with this, you can customize the country that you want to search from and Keywords everywhere are working very hard on adding new countries every month so keep a lookout for that  I have the app set to global because that’s my preference and related to my research.

You can change the currency that you want the CPC for, you have a large list of currencies in the setting menu you can enable/disable metrics for countries you just are focusing on search volume for. If you’re not interested in CPC income competition data you don’t really like seeing it in your in your search results simply unclick it and it’s gone you can also enable and disable the extension on websites.

Another cool thing you can do is actually highlight metrics for your search results so first I would like to be notified on search volume that is more than a thousand you can change that to even 5,000 and more than so you can see if you want search volume equal less than to a certain number that you have can do the same for CPC and competition another cool thing is you can also change the color if you really like it I’m going to go at yellow because it’s super bright so it’s really going to stand out for me. to test what i do is i refresh google head on to search and type and holiday once more, there you go, you can immediately immediately see that it’s highlighted the results which is super cool and you can do the same for CPC and competition whatever is your preference.

There is  miscellaneous settings section which if you can see on the search results it has a little button that says add all keywords if you click on it it’s going to favorite every single keyword that is on a certain page and this works on google search it works on all the other websites that have keywords just hit the button and you will have it on in favorites.

Other options you can use when you click the icon if the for if you want to show a pop-up bulk upload keywords which ever is your preference and click it refresh it and it will be there and also yet the location of the metrics I personally like it under the Google search box so it’s right here but you can change it around and do whatever you want oh well basically two options you can have it underneath or over the search box this is a basic step-by-step guide on how you can install keywords everywhere onto your Chrome and I hope it really helps and I have simplified your keyword research.

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