Top 5 Reasons You Need a VPN!

26March 2019


If you are working or watching streaming an important tool you can use called a VPN or Virtual Private Network, to encrypt your internet connection and hide it from prying eyes. So I’m going to go over a bunch of specific situations for when you could use a VPN and look at some examples in action. For this  I’ll be using a great VPN service  VPN Unlimited. And I do really like the service because I’ve found it to be more user-friendly than others, and has some moderately unique aspects I’ve never seen in other VPNs, such as special Anti-DDOS servers, Double-VPN servers, and Peer-to-Peer servers for things like torrenting.

  1. So. To start off, the first major is beneficial for a VPN is the privacy you have when using one. When you are connected through the VPN, websites cannot see your real IP address, only the IP of the VPN server. And because there are many people squandering the same server, you are effectively anonymous. If you dont like the ip address supplied substitution IPs are available, you can simply pick a brand-new servers, and you can instantaneously have a brand-new IP address, even from any other country, it doesn’t matter or affect the privacy aspect. This will likewise imply search engines and other websites won’t be able to track your usage spy on you and realize what you’re doing. Another important item I should mention is you definitely want to make sure the VPN service you use does not retain records, or else who knows, the someone could should show up and get your data back, VPN Unlimited does not save records, so that is great.
  2. So onto number two, this is a commonly used situation where you should DEFINITELY use a VPN, which is when connecting to an open WiFi hotspot. If you weren’t mindful, open Wi-Fi hotspots, implying ones that don’t have a password to connect, do not encrypt information and data being cast between your device and that hotspot. So unless the websites you’re visiting are employing HTTPS, you are literally broadcasting everything you’re doing for anyone to listen in on. Like I said before, when you connect through a VPN Unlimited VPN, “its all” encrypted before it even leaves your computer, so it doesn’t matter if you’re on an open Wi-Fi hotspot, because your connection is fixed secure and encrypted. Now I’m not even just talking about your computer here though, because you might use public WiFi on your phone as well, and yes, it is possible to use a VPN on your telephone. So VPN Unlimited does indeed have an app you can use on your iOS or Android phone, along with the Windows and MacOS program. And you’ll see it’s a somewhat same process, you pick a server, is attached to it, and you’re data is self-assured whether you’re on Wi-Fi or cellular. You’ll know it’s working because on iOS it will show a VPN icon at the top, and on Android you’ll witness a small key icon. So I’m sure there are some of you out there for whom it’s worth it time to use on your telephone, even if you don’t carry around a laptop anywhere.
  3. Alright, the third rationalization is something I’m sure many of us can relate to, which is a VPN will allow you to bypass web filters that may be in place at your work, class, or university. Now I’m NOT encouraging you to use that is something that waste time when you should be working, but there are definitely times when you have a legitimate reason to look something up on the internet, and the website is blocked for some reason. I So if you use VPN Unlimited the obstruction is gone. And this doesn’t have to be just forwork browsing VPN can also help you bypass things like country-wide internet censoring, such as the odious “Great Firewall of China”. In all such cases, you are able to use a VPN to access blocked websites. No matter where you are, so this can come in real handy when aboard. Speaking of filters though, a nifty thing about VPN Unlimited is a feature announced “InternetSec”, which will help filter out malevolent sites you are able to inadvertently come across. It’s optional of course, but I think is worth keeping on to play it safe.
  4. Ok so now we have a fourth rationale you should get a VPN, which is it can allow you to bypass location-based media restrictions in most cases. So for example, how many times have you gone to watch a YouTube video and it says it’s not available in your country? And the same proceeds for Netflix which only has specific movies and establishes available in certain countries. Now I don’t think Netflix and YouTube would be pleased if I were to show you how to  actually bypass their regulations in this blog post, but it’s pretty easy. As you can imagine, you precisely need to choose a VPN server in a country where the website will allow that content. You can see here in the VPN Unlimited program you are able to click on a country and it will automatically select a server for you, or you can go to the directory of countries and pick a server. And as you can see there are a ton of these. When you’re connected to that country’s server, you’ll have an IP address from that country, and it will look like that’s where you are. Very accessible.
  5. Ok now a fifth rationale you’d want to get a VPN is because of controlling from your internet service provider. Not all of them do this, but there are plenty of ISPs that will limit your connection based on what curriculum or service you’re using at the time. A very common lesson is peer to peer downloading, such as with torrenting. I’d be willing to bet if you did a search for “Your ISP Name” and “Throttling”, there’s a good chance a lot will be published. With a VPN, all your data is put through the same encrypted passage, so your ISP will never know for sure what you’re doing at any time, so they can’t throttle anything. Keep in mind though , not all VPN services will allow peer to peer assistances like torrent, but as you guessed it, VPN Unlimited is one of those that do, which is another reason I was happy with them.   There are a ton of uses for a VPN that you might not have thought of before, and these were just 5 big ones I came up with..

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